what brand ac unit should i buy


Initially, discover what number of square meters you have to cool. Allude to your home's engineering plans or measure your living zone. Next, decide the British Thermal Units (Btu) rating you'll have to cool. When in doubt, an AC unit needs around 20 Btu for each square foot. Along these lines, a 1,500 sq ft home would require a unit that can evacuate around 30,000 Btu for every hour. In case you're introducing a window or versatile AC unit, most brands will list a Btu rating on them. price

Air conditioning units are frequently estimated in "tons" - for this situation, a "ton" measures cooling limit rather than weight. A one-ton forced air system expels around 12,000 Btu for every hour. By and large, you should figure around 1 ton for each 500 square feet of room. In this way, a 2,500 sq ft home would require a 5-ton unit.